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Kill the Kiwis...
01 April, 2003 :: 4:25 p.m.

$240 refund check-$160 citations for car being uninspected/not wearing seatbelt=i forgot the law of checks and balances: if my personal life is doing well (which it is), then whatever power it is that controls the universe must find some other way to piss on my parade.

So yeah, the last several semesters my refund checks have been in the $1,000 stupid me, I figured I could plan on that again this I was all giddy as I walked to the revenue office despite being cold and damp from the icy rain I walked through to get to class...and then I get handed a check for $240. I then stepped back, did a little twirl and raised my right hand in the air while cocking my head down and to the left and clutching the check to my chest with my other hand...ok, I didn't, but in my mind I was doing exactly that.

The woman giving me the check was a total ditz so now I have to get in touch with financial aid and find out why I got so little back...which will be fun AND productive...I'm positive.


This just in:

Bush declares war on New we are reclaiming Middle Earth to liberate the halflings and other noble races being oppressed by Sauron, the true leader of the Axis of Evil. If we don't stop Sauron from reclaiming the ring, we are all doomed. Meanwhile, North Korea is still not a threat.

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