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Reclaiming an almost wasted day off...or, at least not wasting the whole damn thing...
25 May, 2003 :: 5:50 a.m.

Had a good night after not so great a start...

Chuck was planning on coming down to show off his new car--'90 Nissan 300zx that he paid $10,500 for and had to have shipped up from Florida without ever having test driven it or even seen more than pictures of (long story, but it's had major modifications done to it and is a sweet, sweet car).

But I had one of my "nah, I'll do it later" moments combined with a "I don't need to set an alarm, I'm getting up in a minute anyway and I'm not even tired" moments and almost missed the whole night. I fell asleep next to Lacey around 1 or so and woke up to pitch dark and the sinking feeling that I'd was I just barely got her to work on time and thought for sure I'd missed my chance to get together with Chuck...but I called his phone and he was on his way down anyway even though he thought I'd moved already and wasn't sure where I lived. So I got to see his new car finally and we got to go out for a few hours and have a good time...he just went to bed and now I'm realizing that there are waaay too many people here for the fortress...Chuck is crashed in my bed, Jerry is sleeping directly behind me on the couch and in a few moments I'll be going to pick up Lacey and have no idea what the hell we'll do since there is really no place to hang out without waking someone up. Can't wait to make the move so we aren't always stepping all over each other. It'll be nice to have a place to go shut the door and have some privacy to think or write...or even watch a movie or whatever the hell else I decide to do.

The bar was packed far more than I expected...then I ran into one of my mom's friends, Karina, who was there with friends celebrating their 20th high school that explained some of the extra crowd. Karina is great...I've had a crush on her ever since she and my mom met and she started coming around--right around the time I was getting out of high school myself, I think. Before I moved out for the first time anyway. Not a crush like I actually want a relationship with her or anything...just one of those, I really like spending time with her and wish she weren't married with children and 10 years older than me so that we could hang out sort of deals...I dunno, is that a crush? Now that I type it out, it doesn't really sound like one. I'm dumb.

But I got to dance with Karina for a few was weird grinding with someone who is your mom's friend and whom you've only ever hung out with at picnics or around your parents' house...but it was fun...that was the highlight of the time at the bar actually since not much else just felt good to get out, dance and have a few drinks. It had been too long.

So that's what I've been doing...I've got more to write about Chuck and I and our night, but I need to be able to actually have time to sit and write without worrying about waking Jerry or without watching the clock to go pick up later...

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