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Not taking time to think of title for entry
03 June, 2003 :: 9:05 a.m.

I was working on an entry, I swear...but I had to run and do something and didn't get back to it. And I'm still not totally moved because I'm a slacker...and failed to take into account that yes, it's only a mile down the road, but it would still be nice to get a U-haul and get it done in one trip instead of 537 car trips. And also the phone won't be on at the new place til Friday, but it obviously is on why move my computer til I have reason? But I have taken some stuff...basically Jerry's had the place to himself for the last couple of days since Lacey's been staying with me's interesting...I was homeless for so long and now (temporarily) I have two homes... Maybe that's the other reason I'm slacking on the moving...this is kinda neat...kinda frustrating too though since Jerry decided to help and took my DVD player and my N64 (yes, I still love Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, despite technological advances in the industry). But soon I will be all moved and all connected and then I can get back to stuff I've been meaning to do...or at least lose a good excuse for the fact that it's not been getting done. I may post again before the move (like finishing the other entry, which I actually saved), but definitely soon... And if I can get my ass to the post office today or tomorrow, Erin, you will at least get the cd's I've burned so far and I'll be in a less hectic place and hopefully have more use of my computer (three people:one computer is a bad ratio...i'm not bitching though). So I'm off to pretend to do responsible-type stuff since I have the day off...

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