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13 June, 2003 :: 11:15 a.m.

Remember the rumor that I'm a woman beater? Well, it's back--in POG form...sorry that last part was a little thing most people probably won't get and it isn't all that funny anyway, so what's it matter?

Anyhoo...Yes, I am being called abusive again. Not by Lacey or any other female this time, but by Andy. He noticed some tiny little bruise on Lacey's arm a few weeks back and asked her if she was okay and blah, blah, blah, basically insinuated that I had abused her. She told him she was fine and that she had probably bumped into something at work. I told her it pissed me off that he had implied it, but as long as he didn't go saying it to other people, I could deal with it.

Well, a couple nights ago I found out that he has told at least one other person--and since this person is someone that Andy would probably only rarely speak to, I think it's safe to assume that he's told others as well.

I won't tolerate this. I have not, do not, will not hit a woman or do anything else to intentionally inflict pain. But I'm also not going to risk losing my job by pummeling Andy--that and the whole idea of trying to make the point that I'm not violent by acting violently just doesn't strike me as a good idea.

What pisses me off about this is not just the fact that I'm being accused of something that I didn't do and that the person accusing me is telling people who don't know shit else about me (okay, so I lie, that does piss me off), but the bigger issue is that this is going to be heard by people who heard it the first time when Char was saying it...and maybe they didn't pay attention then, but maybe now they'll figure, "well, I'm hearing the same thing now that he's in a new relationship, maybe it is true..."

My only recourse is to talk to this is where the fact that Chad has a severe Napoleon Complex and is constantly searching for ways to prove he means business might come in useful. That plus Chad likes Lacey and knows that Andy has been harassing her--yes, there's more to the story than I feel like typing right now--so he may actually do something. I don't care what happens to Andy, I only care abotu the fact that this shithead has taken it upon himself to attack my character over nothing and I'm not going to take it.

Aside from this, life has been calm and peaceful for the most part and things are going well in the new apartment so far. I miss The Fortress, but this is a nice change so far. Just gotta get the whole computer thing situated so that I can update more often.

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