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Bleeding Hearts
06 July, 2003 :: 8:01 p.m.

Dynamitekid is finally updating again...about time. And it's because of a girl... That's the only time either one of us updates on a very regular basis--when we're having problems with girls.

Today's Lacey's b-day...she's 20...yes, I'm 27. This is why I have previously not mentioned her age. It's not a big deal...just when I think about things like the fact that she's younger than my little sister, it's a little strange sometimes.

I'm feeling kinda guilty right of Jerry's friends killed herself today. I didn't really know her, but I didn't want to. I kinda bitched here and there about the fact that she was always coming over here...but it was because for 2 months I heard nothing but negative things about her and how she uses all of her freinds and of course I wasn't going to look forward to the fact that as soon as we move in here, he starts inviting her over all the time...but I dunno, just this morning Lacey and I were joking about hoping she didn't spend the night last night since Jerry was hanging out with her...and then we find out just a little bit ago that she killed herself. So here I am joking around this morning about being glad she wasn't here, but if she had been she'd probably still be alive. So that's why I feel kinda bad about the whole situation. That and she was one of Jerry's friends despite any flaws that she had and I know that he's taking it rough.

I went out last night and did my typical Saturday night off thing of having some drinks and dancing...that makes twice in a row that I've been without Chuck and still had a good time and gotten up on the dance floor and felt relatively relaxed. I can have a good time by myself, who knew? He won't know until the 17th whether he can take time off to go to OC with I guess I'll just put in for vacation and hope that he can join me. Anyway, back to the Gas Light...more or less uneventful except right at the end of the night when a guy asked for a smoke...I gave him one and then he asked if I was a skinhead...I assured him that I wasn't...his response? "That's too bad." He just moved up here from the suburbs of Philly which he felt the need to tell me were way to racially diversified and he likes it up here because there are few minorities. He's right, there aren't that many in this area...but I thought it was funny that as he was telling me this I was looking past him at to Asians and two blacks--and of course a whole shit ton of redneck wankstas. And why he was out at a bar that was playing hip hop music if he's a racist is beyond me. Luckily he wandered off without trying to draw me into a lengthy conversation because he was visibly intoxicated and much larger than me, so I really didn't want to have to come right out and tell him that I thought he was a moron. I do have some small bit of self-preservation instinct.

In fun news, I've discovered that Doug, one of our newest members of the walmart crew and someone I work with regularly has very different political views than I I finally have someone to argue with. It's about time.

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