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An entry not worth all the time and effort put into it...
22 July, 2003 :: 7:40 p.m.

So much for being at my parents' house for the week and having easier access to the computer and how that was going to let me talk to people more and update my diary...

Yesterday we had a couple of huge storms blow through with high winds and lightning and just tons of water hammering down...but after the first one went on through and the sun came out, I figured I could get online... Wrong. First time was met with the power flickering and the computer shutting down. The second time (as I was talking to Erin for the first time in weeks and in the middle of a diary entry also), I managed to hit the Windows key on this small-ass keyboard my parents have and since that was an accident and I was in the middle of IMing Erin, I just kept typing and apparently hit the "u" which told the computer to shut down.

"No problem, I'll just sign back on and explain to Erin what happened," I thought to myself... Wrong. The power flickered again ending my attempts to get online before I went to work.

Then this afternoon I am half way through a diary entry complaining about the above and the power flickers and there goes another entry...fuck fuckity fuck.

I've been meaning to update, but the time and the desire to say something haven't hit at the same moment. Now I'm back to where I can hop on the internet whenever I want (assuming the power isn't trying to go out for no apparent reason), so it doesn't matter if I have anything important to say, I can just ramble on.

School...doing my best to postpone that shit again. I have to get my paperwork in soon or I can forget going this fall again. I'm still not even sure what I have to do...but I'm assuming I'll have to go part-time since I gave up on my Emerson/Fuller class and took the F. I have no desire to go incentive to get done with school? To get some job that requires a college degree so that I can stop running into people and having to tell them that I work at walmart still... Sure it'd be better to have a goal of being a teacher or a doctor or even going for marketing or whatever, but at least I have some incentive to get done with school.

I've had two dreams in the past two weeks that involve me losing my walmart job. If they are premonitions, so be it...I'm sick of showing up at that place. If I lose my job, I'm taking that as a sign to get the fuck out of this area...that job and then starting school here have pretty much nailed my feet to ground I said I was going to get far away from once I was done with high school.

I have more to say before this week of house-sitting is over, but I've hit that damn Windows button and almost closed this twice so I'm going to update before another entry disappears.

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