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Bitter Buffalo
27 August, 2003 :: 2:13 p.m.

Fucking hell...

I need 2 classes for this semester. That's right, I'm only taking two classes this semester, but at least I got my financial aid and I'll be going full-time in the spring--hey, I will be.

But for this semester I decided to go part-time. No problem, I've had to get 4 or 5 classes before on the first day and still managed to run around and beg into classes. My first try this semester was a resounding success and I believe puts me just one more class from a philosophy minor...but I better check on that. So I only need one more class...first off, there isn't diddly shit that really interests me this semester. This would have been a perfect semester for some hard English class or something because I've got time to devote to it. But no, there's nothing. The one class I was interested in, there weren't enough seats to even hope to get in. The business class I decided I'd try, no luck...couldn't even get into the online version of the class. So I'm sitting here needing three credits. I'm gonna try for history class. I like history, but I don't particularly care about this's just a class so I meet my minimum requirements to be in school.

On a positive note, I managed to get our stupid WebAdvisor thing working for me for the first time ever. This is how I register for classes on time and how I can see my transcript and all that useful crap that I haven't had access to for the last year. Now I do. My is that a depressing thing. Starts off great...with the exception of like two C's it's all A's and A-'s...then all the sudden an F creeps in...then another F and a D- and yet another F...and I still have a better QPA than half the dregs wandering the campus. But those grades suck ass...I've got to do something about them. Oh, and because of my F's, I have a wonderful 80 credits--which means I've got two more years ahead of me if I take 15 credits a semester and at least a couple of summer courses. Sweet! I'm gonna write a book called How to Get a B.A. in 10 Short Years.

The future is indeed looking oh so bright. Fucking wooo.

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