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Not dead yet...
31 October, 2003 :: 3:09 p.m.

I've started several entries lately and then either run out of time or out of thought...

I was starting to worry that I had mono, but apparently not. I actually didn't think I had mono for the first 4 or 5 days, but several people said that it seemed like I did...I kept saying, nope, just a mild flu or was weird whatever it was...I was sleeping 7-9 hours at a time and still feeling like shit, my body felt like I'd taken muscle relaxers, I wanted to sleep like 2 hours later...that is not me. Apparently mono is going around, but fortunately it apprears that's not my problem...I've been feeling fine as long as I make sure I don't sleep more than 4 hours...but whatever this was followed a week and a half or so where I couldn't sleep for more than 20 minutes...I'd doze off, something would wake me and I'd feel wide awake and not be able to sleep for hours after that. My days off I was actually only getting about 20 minutes of sleep all day...I still don't feel right, but I feel better than I have been...except yesterday when I woke up and felt motion sick and couldn't stop puking for about 20 minutes...then spent the rest of the day off feeling like I had a hangover when I'd had nothing to drink. Sweet. If I have to feel like that I could at least have fun ahead of time. So I haven't really felt right in about three weeks, but it's been several different things that have prevented me from feeling right, not one continuous thing, so no need to see the doctor yet.

If you like Quentin Terrantino and/or kung fu movies, you should enjoy Kill Bill...if you like gore the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is actually a decent remake...the original is still better just because, but the new one is good despite the pretty cast.

School goes well thus far...I believe after today's history test I will keep my A in there and I have a philosophy test next tuesday that, if all goes well, I'll have an A in there as well. I need to go see my advisor in the coming week so I can actually register for classes only a little late instead of way late like I normally do. I want her to pull up my info and tell me how long it'll be before I graduate...Pat has her also and he said she's really cool, hopefully he's right. I missed hanging out with Pat this week because of my feeling like shit...but I have tuesday and thursday off next week so hopefully we can get together and make up for the missed night.

Other than that life continues to be what it is...nothing more, nothing less.

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