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Stupid stupid monkey
01 December, 2003 :: 7:35 p.m.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. That's all I'ma say about it because I never made it to Cortland to visit own fault...if I spell out definite plans the gods usually swoop in and do their best to derail me. (for an example of this, one need look no further than the comedy of errors that befell me before I got to Ocean City in August) So anyhoo, I'm just looking forward to Saturday...hopefully I haven't said too much.

Now all I gotta do is survive til Saturday. I've rather successfully snared myself in the trap that is my own thoughts and actions. Picture me inside my own head wandering around: Lalalala...big empty swimming pool where common sense should be...I jump down in and see a pack of white chocolate reese's and I reach down to grab I stop and ask why they are there? hell no, that would be common sense and I'm standing in the empty pool where it anyway, I grab the reese's (not wondering why they're in a box either) and discover that my hand won't come back out...I could drop the reese's and my hand would slide right out, but again, no common sense...the pool begins to fill with the smug self-assuredness that I know what the hell I'm doing this time and I'm about to drown in it...

Will I escape? Possibly. Does it matter? No, I'll just find another monkey trap the next time I go looking for my common sense and find it missing.

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