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09 December, 2003 :: 1:28 p.m.

The weekend actually worked out...mostly. Chuck wasn't able to make it down due to weather, but Pat and Joel and I got together. Pat and I have made a tradition of going up to Corning the weekend before works out that it happens to be the weekend of Sparkle which is Corning's Christmas celebration and the whole thing all just ties together now to symbolize the end of another semester and good times shared.

Depression didn't ruin the night...didn't really think it would, but I wasn't sure.

A final tomorrow and a final Thursday and that's it til January 12th...assuming I finally see my advisor and get classes by then. This was the semester I was going to do all that shit on time for once, but old habits die hard.

Arggghhh, I can't write right now for some reason...maybe because a little nagging voice is telling me I've got something like 10 chapters that I never looked at for my final tomorrow and much to review and refresh myself on for ethics on Thursday...maybe after that...

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