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22 December, 2003 :: 12:35 p.m.

Chuck kissed a girl!!!Chuck kissed a girl!!!

We had to play goddamn spin the motherfucking bottle to get him to do it, but Chuck kissed Amber Saturday night...

What a great day Saturday was. First off, Lacey and I went to see Return of the King and I'm happy to say that overall it was really good. There were things cut out which bother me, but they didn't make up a bunch of shit that never happened like they did with The Two Towers...I still don't understand that, but I'm happy that they got back to the book for the last installment. And honestly, I liked what was in there and my ass would have revolted if the movie had been any longer, so that's part of why it didn't bother me that they cut stuff.

After that, Chuck came down and we headed to walmart to invite Tara and Amber to go out with us...Amber was all embarrassed because she'd apparently been out the night before and came in hungover and not all dressed up like she normally is...she has been interested in meeting Chuck for quite a while now and this is the first time it finally worked out...I don't see them becoming a couple or anything, but if they are both attracted to one another and want to have sex,'d just be great to get Chuck back in the game after all the time off he's taken.

We met at the Gas Light and had a couple of drinks...we got up on the dance floor and shook it like a Polaroid picture (yeah, I said it) and then we headed back here. Tara and I were totally about getting them to make some sort of connection because we knew they were attracted to one another...we sat around joking and bullshitting but nothing was really happening between Chuck and Amber...Tara and I were finally like, look just kiss...but they wouldn' could tell they both wanted to, but you could see nothing was going to to spin the fucking was a short kiss, but it was a kiss and lightened things up...apparently Chuck stopped in to walmart on his way home Sunday and actually talked to Amber some while he was there and gave her a hug and Amber gave him her maybe, just maybe something will happen between them...but where? I don't really have any place for them to get it on here and I really don't want to be around. Amber is living at home and Chuck lives over two hours away...somehow it'll have to work out...we'll worry about the details later, I just can't believe Chuck finally did something about a girl he's attracted to...Hell should be freezing over as I write.

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