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Random points of interest (to me)
29 December, 2003 :: 11:37 a.m.

Well woo-fucking-hoo, I'm 28 today. I'll be cutting it damn close (more likely going over) my deadline of getting some sort of college degree by the time I'm 30. It really helps that I have yet to meet with my advisor or do anything about getting classes for school which starts back on the 12th--WTF??? It seems like break has barely begun and it's almost over? I realize it's two weeks away and it's been a couple of weeks already, but the already weeks are gone and nothing can be done about them and the away weeks are going to be over (seemingly) by the time I finish this entry...Oy.

Big thank yous are owed to Erin, Lacey, my mom, my sis, Nick Fury and my Aunt for the great presents that I got which I will not go into huge detail about...but it was a great time and I only hope that the gifts that I gave were/are enjoyed as much.

I do have to say that I'm most thankful of all that the season is over now...I was so tired of the steady flow of customers almost all night long...the idiots who wait til the last moment to buy presents (I'm one) mostly tend to be helpless, whiny, morons who can't find a goddamn thing without help (that part isn't me...I look and I find and if I don't find, I look for something else) and I'm glad I won't have to deal with any of you anytime soon. On a related note, however, I did receive some sort of customer service award that I didn't even know existed...two ladies who were really great (one of whom happened to work at another walmart in personnel and I'm assuming how she knew about the award) needed help finding a couple of things...I just followed my normal rule of if you are friendly and decent with me, I'll do whatever I can to help you otherwise I ignore you and try to pretend I don't work there policy. They were nice, joked around with me and so I helped them...I then forgot about it until I picked Lacey up from work the next day and she said I got some sort of recognition (reason for me to never go out of way for a customer again now that I know they try to embarrass you in front of your co-workers)...they gave me the thing the lady filled out and it actually described me as "cheerful"...they must've caught me at just the right moment and disarmed me by joking around...I still don't remember being cheeful though...last week a stupid fish committed suicide while I was trying to dip it for some girl and her father...I chased the frigging thing and it's ten billion tankmates for five minutes and I finally almost have one and the fucker jumps, lands splat on the floor and proceeds to flip himself way under the whole tank set up so that there was no retrieving him...luckily they were good natured but the girl insisted that I was a murderer. My instinct was to say that he'd have prolly been dead within a couple days of her getting him home, but I didn't say it (all in the name of excellent customer service...).

In more work news, I'm going to kill Karen or get myself fired if they truly keep her on overnights until March. The dumb bitch...she is just the most incompetent of all the various incompetent fools who've been managers. She spends the majority of her night trying to find reasons to fire people and she's just a truly pathetic human being...I can only imagine how sad her life outside walmart is that she needs to ego trip at work and constantly be finding reasons to yell at/fire people. She's truly one of those people that I would long to see laying on the floor dying so that I could just walk up and stare and her and do nothing to help her and maybe spit in her face...other than that, she's a peach though...

Hopefully Chuck will be coming down for New Year's...hopefully he'll actually call Amber and tell her he's coming down and then we can see where that goes. Luckily he does realize that she is not girlfriend material, but is someone he can hang out with and have hopefully she feels the same and that way I can escape without one of them bitching me out for introducing them to one another. I am no matchmaker...not even for two people who should just have a casual hook up.

There was more I meant to include in this, but my mind is getting more and more random so this will have to do for now...I've got the next three nights off though, so maybe I'll be able to sort my thoughts out at some point and make another entry...

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