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The bestest year ever so far...
10 January, 2004 :: 1:43 p.m.

So some people believe that what happens to you new year's eve/new year's day sets the path for the year ahead...yay...that means I've got a full year of being moodily drunk and bashing my head off of things to look forward to.

I mention this not because I've been moodily drunk a lot this new year (actually I haven't had more than three beers since new year's eve), but because I've hit my head three times in the last two days and while none of them have been major, they've definitely hurt. I smacked my head twice at work and once off my computer desk while sleepily groping for my alarm clock. It may have nothing to do with it or a lot to do with it but I've had one of my lovely nonstop headaches for the last two days as well. I say it may have nothing to do with it because I get these headaches from time to time and I think it has more to do with my neck being out of whack and stress (school starts monday and yet again I get to run around trying to get classes...and it's my own fault for not meeting with my advisor on time, but then when I've made attempts to get in touch with her, she's not around). So I think stress is the main factor in my headache.

I've been losing my temper and telling people off so far this year as well...I've had legit reasons, but still...if I keep it up, I may find myself homeless and jobless. I told off Chadd and Karen last week because they made Lacey stay an extra hour (she was scheduled to be done at 5:30; they wanted her to stay til the normal time)...I was scheduled til 6:30 so this wouldn't have been a huge deal except Lacey has been having some pain in her side that gets worse with doing the sort of stuff she has to do at work like lifting and bending...when it gets really bad she has trouble taking deep breaths. When I saw her at break she seemed on the verge of tears from pain and then Doug told me she'd seemed like something was really wrong when he saw her and she snapped at Darryl who she normally jokes around I knew she wasn't ok, but she doesn't like to she was upset when they made her stay an extra hour which technically they aren't allowed to do I told them off for it. Then a few nights later Karen got bitchy with me because I stopped to tell Deb what we were supposed to be doing (Karen was moving people around and had all these big idiot plans for the night and Deb hadn't heard them yet and asked)...Karen came up and basically insulted both of us insinuating that we were just fucking off...when I told her I was just telling Deb what she had told me, she was like, "uh huh, yeah..." so I made it quite clear that's all I'd been doing and she'd be wise to not call me a liar again...

Then the big one...I went off on our landlord Tuesday afternoon. Lacey had gone to bed a few hours before...I was reading in my bedroom and dozed off. I woke up to the sound of someone talking very loudly and it sounded like my landlord. I was dazed and confused so I was sure it wasn't real or it was next door. Then I heard a little more and thought, "no, that's in the apartment..." It took me a few minutes to get up and around and when I came out Lacey was wigging out and said he'd walked into her bedroom while she was sleeping and started yelling at her that her window needed to be shut. Now first off, he has no right to be walking into our bedrooms and secondly, he he didn't even have the right room--it was jerry who had his window open like two inches. I have no idea why Jerry had his window open a little, but the landlord pays the bills and decided he needed to unlock our front door and let himself into our bedrooms until he found the one with the open window...I suppose he might have thought we weren't home (which doesn't make it better) even though we told him we all work nights and sleep days...anyway, instead he found Lacey asleep and started yelling that he wasn't paying to heat the outdoors and she needed to shut her window. When I came out, he'd already headed back outside so I ran out into the snow barefoot and in my pajamas to find him...he was talking to his wife by their truck and I proceeded to chew him out and tell him if he has a fucking problem with something in the apartment, he can knock and tell us or leave a note or call, but he'd best not come wandering in uninvited and especially better not go into our bedrooms...I can't remember all of what I said, but there was lots of profanity and yelling on my part. The best part was just as I was doing this two guys pulled in and got out and seemed rather shocked to see some guy in his pajamas in the middle of the afternoon yelling at the landlord to stay the fuck out of his apartment...then I found out they were there to look at the apartment next to us...they didn't stay long, so I'm assuming they decided that a crazy neighbor and a creepy landlord weren't two things they were looking for when they rent an apartment.

And now I shall go try to sleep and hope this headache goes away.

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