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Liberal studies with a minor in philosophy...what the hell job do you get with that?
14 January, 2004 :: 9:33 a.m.

Weird...I just checked my email and there was an email from Pat that just showed up in my box but it was dated the 2nd...confused the hell out of me since I've gotten emails from him since then and we've talked and I open this email and it starts out with him asking me about my head and how new year's went...I was confused til I looked at the date and realized that this email just found its way out of the abyss of cyberspace and into my mailbox.

Anyway, I have 2 classes and that's all I'm taking this semester again. I have to go talk to financial aid and figure out my money situation so that they don't deny me any aid at all for not being full-time. The way I figured it out with my advisor, they are offering classes I actually need over the summer and hardly anything that I can get into this semester. So I'd be better off to wait and take oral comm and comp II or something else that I need. So I may finally be taking a summer course or two...wooo.

For this semester I have environmental ethics which shouldn't be too tough and business ethics which has a ton of writing assignments and I better make sure I don't fall behind. If I get them both done and actually get my paperwork turned in for my minor, it will be complete. I still need to figure out what I would need for an English minor. Anyhoo...I will have 92 credits at the end of this semester...if I do take 2 classes over the summer, that would put me at 98...I'm under the old program that requires 128 credits to graduate; they changed it to 120 this past fall. My advisor believes I can petition to get the if I actually do all of this, I could be a year away from graduating after the summer. My biggest problem is that I need to go talk to a professor or two that gave me my F's...2 or the 3 classes are no longer the hell am I supposed to make up the F if I can't retake the class? My advisor didn't think petitioning to have another class count in place of one of the F's would work...I don't see why not. If I took Shakespeare back when I thought I was going to major in English and I don't need it for that now--and it's a higher level than at least one of my F's--why the hell couldn't it count in place of the F? So I have to talk to the profs and find out what my options are...Koloski retires for good at the end of this semester, so I hear, so I guess I should talk to him first.

My car is dying and I've got about $2700 for a car saved up...I hope to hell I can find something that will last a couple of years for that. The muffler fell off my car on the way to work the other night...I knew I fucked it up back over the summer and I knew it was getting worse, but I was holding out hope that it would last a little longer. So I have to get ahold of my brother and hope that he can help me fix it so it lasts another month and a half...that's how long I have to find a new car because this one is not only dying, it only passed inspection last year because I took it to some old guy who barely looked at had already failed its first inspection--for very legitimate reasons. So I don't see keeping it on the road as a viable option past when the inspection and registration run out...which means I don't want to pay for a new exhaust and that's why I hope we can just give it a quick fix...enough talk, I guess I better get moving on my day so I can sleep sometime before work tonight.

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