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31 January, 2004 :: 7:14 a.m.

Some random stuff that's been on my mind...

This Atkins craze is pissing me off...I'm sick of seeing carb counts on everything. But it gave me an idea...

Since tobacco companies have to put all that shit about how they can kill you on there, I think someone (it'd be great if it were Camel) should start putting more on their packages:

"Camel, as always 0 carbs, 0 fat, 0 calories."

"Compatible with the Atkins diet"

"Craving sugar? Put a Camel in your mouth instead"

In other randomness, the more time I have to spend around other people in the real world, the more I wish that we had away messages for real life..."Yes, I'm here, but not available for conversation." How great would that be? Think of all the dumb or annoying conversations you could avoid. Yeah, I'm sure there would be people that would continue talking to you or stand there expecting you to take down your away message for them, but they'd catch on eventually and you'd be under no obligation to talk to anyone when you didn't feel like it.

Hmmm, can't remember the other stuff right now...not that it's worth remembering, but maybe it'll come back later...

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