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What's Going On?
07 February, 2004 :: 3:46 p.m.

The more I watch and read about the world around me the more I want to slash my wrists and get away from this bullshit or at the very least run screaming into the nothingness inside my own head and never come back to reality...

George W. Bush is one of the most dangerous men in the world. Period. I am so good at stating the obvious. I just am sick to death of him and the fact that somehow this asshole will win a second term. I suppose I should be happy about it in a way since I am pro human extinction, but him being the cause gives me no sense of satisfaction...unless I can outlive all of his supporters.

What the fuck is this well, maybe we never will find WMDs (it's always abbreviated this way everywhere I've seen it...but why isn't it WsMD?), but we still did the right thing because Saddam was bad... You can't fucking change the rules in the middle of the game because you're losing. Bush should face a trial for war crimes. Saddam was an ass and should have been removed from power...but there are a lot of fucking leaders that fit that description, our own included. Bush and his arrogant statement during his State of the Union speech about how we have the right to do pretty much whatever we wish to protect our own interests...if that holds for us, why not other countries, Georgie? If we can have all sorts of weaponry to destroy our enemies, why do we have the right to just walk into other countries based on trumped up accusations and overthrow their leaders? If we have a right to protect what we view as the right way of life, then wouldn't Al Queda be justified to attack us if they view us as a threat to their beliefs and way of life? And to step all over the UN's face and then, when it's convenient, turn to them and demand that they do this or that to help us out? I fucking hate the self-righteousness of the leaders of this country. Saddam has chemical and biological weapons that are a danger to Americans...yet your corporate buddies can lobby for you to ease pollution standards in this country? I'm a lot more worried about drinking contaminated water or breathing the polluted air in this country from our own factories than I ever was about a fucking dirty bomb or Saddam sending someone over here with WMDs...please.

I'm hoping that the democrats can get their shit together and give us a viable candidate to beat Bush (since I don't care if God ran on a third party ticket, he'd lose). Edwards and Kerry may not be perfect, but I'd take them over Bush any day... I just can't stand the idea of Bush in power any longer.

I'm sick of capitalism's evil. It brings out nothing but the worst in people. As long as there's money to be made, you can kick, punch and piss on anyone who stands between you and that money. I'm doing nothing but making myself irate and feel impotent about being able to do anything...I'm taking business ethics this semester, I've been reading several books for the class including No Logo and The Lexus and the Olive I finally got around to buying Bowling for Columbine so now I can watch that whenever I want to get pissed...or I can throw Fight Club in for the trillionth time... I feel like standing on corner with a sign and shouting, "The end is near," for anyone who will listen, but I still hold out hope that people will wake up before it's too late...I know, it's naive of me, but I just don't feel like profit should rule.'s means you made more than you only need to make so much profit, you can only use so much money. Walmart has over $100 billion in sales but from the store managers on up the chain, they act like every penny spent is coming out of their own pocket and preventing them from attaining even the most basic necessities. They have made a major push to not hire full-time employees whom they have to offer benefits...they technically offer them to part-timers now, but if you're making less than $350 every two weeks can you afford to have something between $50 and $150 (depending on geographic location and whether it's for you or for family) taken out of that check for insurance? Most people can't. And walmart is just one business running this way...most big business runs this way because we have to make huge profits so that our stock prices stay up and stockholders stay happy... Fuck the stock market.

I watched...I think it was Frontline...on PBS the other night with Pat...they were discussing porn. I think porn is AOK for the most part, but regular girl-guy or girl-girl or guy-guy type stuff... This show made me feel just hopeless and disgusted with the world because they were interviewing a woman who was directing a porn in which her supposed real life friend was starring and the premise was that the woman was kidnapped, raped by several men and the killed at the end... That is no longer porn. Who the hell watches a porno of typical guy-girl or whatever action and thinks, "This just isn't doing it for me...if I can't see a girl being raped and beaten and slashed with a knife or pissed on or degraded in some other horrendous way, I just can't jerk off to it," and then puts the word out that hey, if someone makes this, I'll but it? Who are these people and can we all take turns kicking them in the balls before they are put to death?

I'm going to go crawl under the covers and try to forget the world for a few hours...

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