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26 February, 2004 :: 11:57 a.m.

I actually got my paper written but while writing in my journal can be fun without sleep, I should not write papers this sucks, I think...seventeen shades of suck. I've been up since 2 yesterday afternoon and I have to go get in the shower so I can go to class at 2 today...wooo.

And it's Thursday which means hanging with Pat from after class til whenever just drinking, playing video games and watching hockey. I never followed hockey until this season...I mean I'm familiar with names and shit because of ESPN, but I just never got hockey...but Lacey and Pat are hockey freaks and NHL 2004 for Gamecube rules and the playoffs last year were cool...okay, so I started watching at the end of the season last year...I still have affection for the Mighty Ducks (the team I rooted for in the playoffs), but I'm picking a team finally and it's going to be the Boston Bruins...they kick ass...and Dyno, you are now a Ranger in my Bruins season...of course you'll probably learn this when you get here today and not from reading this, but whatever...

I'm feeling fairly good right now, but I think it's because I'm obviously not thinking...hmmmm, I wonder what the homework was for today besides the paper...

Ephedrine and caffeine, here I come...woooo

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