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A Traveshamockery...
05 May, 2004 :: 8:01 p.m.

Pat and I had our last Thursday night yesterday...we decided that since he was heading home tomorrow we should bump it up a couple of days. It was officially Thursday though--I spilled beer...Pat will understand that and that's what matters.

Now that it's here, I can't believe the semester is over. I love it and hate it...just as I have the end of almost every other semester. I will be visiting Pat this summer finally, but Thursdays are no longer this great night to look forward to. I still have every Thursday night off, but they won't be filled with NHL 2004 and Def Jam Vendetta and then trying those submission holds on each other for real and having a contest of who can leave the other more crippled for the upcoming weekend... I only hope that we can pick back up with our Thursday nights next semester without stupid classes getting in the way. My Thursday will still be filled with beer, but that's about's funny, approximately 18 months ago I was talking to Erin and talking about how I hate drinking alone at home and rarely do it because it feels like a really loser thing to do...and since that night I've spent more time drinking alone than with anyone. The weird part is I'm fine with it and almost always prefer it now. I'd rather have Pat or someone over to drink with, but I used to always go out if I wanted to drink and now the idea of going out to drink just doesn't appeal to me unless Chuck happens to be coming down or I know for sure I have someone to go with...I do go out maybe once every couple of months by myself, but I used to do it everytime I had a Saturday off...anyway, the semester is final tomorrow and I'm done.

Nicole is illegal. The idiots at the dealership I bought her from fucked up the VIN on the paperwork and, even though they had the title from the previous owners and the correct VIN on that paperwork, PennDOT sent me everything back saying that the VIN is not valid...It was missing one number on the paperwork from the dealership, but was correct on the title...the VIN in the actual letter from PennDOT matches exactly the VIN on Nicole...but they claim it doesn't exist...oy.

Nothing new on moving...most of a month to decide...plenty of time. After tomorrow's final I should finally have the time to get Erin's mix cds done so I can get her package out to her which I believe I told her would roughly be in the mail several days ago (that was why I was careful to add the phrase "or so")'s been a while since I've really had time and sat down to make a good mix cd, something that I'm looking forward to.

More on my mind than all of this, but I've got to get ready for work shortly, so I'll do that another time...I've had a lot I wanted to write about lately, just by the time I had the opportunity, I wasn't feeling it anymore...I prefer to still be feeling whatever I'm trying to write about instead of summing it up afterward...

I can't believe the same semester that never seemed like it was going to get going is already coming to an end...

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