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No yelling at the tv for a while...well, I can, but it won't be the same without Fox & Friends actually being on it...
27 May, 2004 :: 9:31 a.m.

Well, no Fox & Friends for me for a while... The cable is shut off. It's not a big deal in the sense that I can do just fine without television. I've done it for months at a time in the past, plus I've got well over 100 dvds to keep me occupied when I want to watch something. It's just annoying because it's one more showing of what an inconsiderate fuck-ass Jerry is...

Part of his contribution to the apartment was paying the cable bill which is the one thing he did the entire time he was here (he's still here for a week or two, but he has started packing--Wooo!), so no complaints. My complaint is we knew that when he moved he would obviously cancel his cable all he had to do was let us know that he was going to do this and we could have made arrangements to start our cable account. They still would have charged us the installation fee because the cable company is awesome like that, but they wouldn't have actually had to do anything other than cancel his account and start billing us instead. But since he told us he's here at least another week, I wasn't expecting the cable company to shut off the cable yesterday and Jerry didn't bother to let us know it was happening.

Like I said, not a huge thing in and of itself, just one more chance for the fuck-ass to annoy me. I do indeed enjoy coming home from work and watching Brian, E.D. and Steve along with the rest of the regulars give us the news because they are loveable idiots, clearly biased toward the Republican party for the most part and it's just fun to get the news and yell at the tv. I can still get the news via the internet and newspaper as I have been all along, but it's just not the same without Fox & Friends and occasionally Bill O'Reilly. Life will go on and eventually the cable will be back on.

A bigger pain in the ass than no fox news is that the NHL finals are on and we only got to see game one. That's the real pisser. Especially since hockey may very well start late next season...

What else is going on? Nothing really. I'm looking forward to the U.S. upgrading the terror alert level now that I have my new John Asscroft terror alert. Yellow is pretty boring but a couple of the others are amusing. So if reports are right that terrorists are planning to attack again soon, maybe the alert level will be raised to something funnier. Not that an actual attack would be funny...well, kind of since what I read says that the gov't has reliable intelligence, but then turns around and says they don't know what will be targeted, when it will be targeted or what type of an attack will take place--WOW! Super intelligence there, fellas...keep up the good work.

Another article I read says that a think tank concluded that the actions of the U.S. since 9/11 have actually helped Al Qaeda by dispersing their members so they are harder to find and brought them new recruits who are angry with the U.S.--well, duh. I know I was saying that's what would happen if the U.S. kept trying to push its views on the Middle East and every other part of the globe and many other people including not just a few of the people who have diaries here were saying this as well. But no, we'll push on, they'll attack, we'll use that as an excuse to invade other nations and the cycle will continue...especially if Bush and his idiot cabinet are given four more years to keep at their plan of kicking off Armageddon.

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