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From one whiner to the rest: shut the fuck up already
01 June, 2004 :: 6:29 p.m.

Pat and I were talking a few days back and he mentioned some girl bitching that gas prices are now "astronomical" and how ridiculous that sounds...I told him I agree; I'm sick of hearing people bitch about gas prices...yeah, it sucks, but if you don't like it don't drive a fucking SUV. I can only imagine what the rest of the world thinks of the pissy Americans...even at $2/gallon we've got cheaper gas than the rest of the world...For a few people the jump in gas price might actually put a serious hurting on them...for the rest of us (and I am hardly someone who is bringing in a lot of money) it means we can't buy a new DVD or a some other item that we would like to...poor, poor us...the rest of the world should stop using oil so that we can have it all... For all the bitching I do in my life, this is one thing that I'm not going to bitch about--the actual price of gas...obviously I'm bitching about those who are bitching. Would I prefer to pay $1/gallon? Sure. It'd be even better if it were free and all vehicles got at least 100 mpg, but it just doesn't happen to be that way. This is capitalism (and politics)...the same system that everyone loves when things are going well... I personally hate capitalism, but it's the reality of where we are and it's better than some other systems we could I'll pay my $2+/gallon and you won't hear me bitch about it...unless prices get so high that I can no longer afford my over-taxed cigarettes...then you'll hear lots of bitching.

I have no faith in this government or this economic system...I believe that more and more of it is just for show; just to keep the peasants from revolting...I mean if you honestly believe that we all have the chance to do anything and make ourselves millionaires then you are a lot less likely to demand drastic change from the government. I personally believe that the game is fixed on numerous levels...sure the occasional illiterate redneck wins the lotto or actually invents something and makes a pile of have to let that happen to a small degree so that the masses believe that anyone can succeed...what amazes me the most is the ferocity with which people in dead-end, shit jobs hold on to this would think that faced day in and day out with the reality of a shitty, just getting by lifestyle that they would revolt, but apparently it's more important to hold on to the dream that any day your ship will come in and the hard days will be behind you...apparently if you let go of that anchor keeping you down, you surface too fast and you end up with a fatal case of the bends... I'm rambling...I haven't slept much lately. I want to know how to actually enact change instead of just complaining about things...

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