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Pointless rant on things I cannot control
02 June, 2004 :: 10:07 a.m.

Just in case I wasn't feeling antisocial enough, the universe decided to spit in my eye and make me look like I'm 15 again...thankfully enough I don't actually look like I did when I was 15...that was before I started shaving my head and I hadn't gotten contacts yet (bleh), but I do have the complexion of a 15 year old all of the sudden... I've always been prone to acne, but since high school it's been a zit here, a zit there...but no, all of the sudden I've got acne...add that to my constant battle with ingrown hairs on my neck from shaving and woo...a great big smooch to whatever power is behind this. If I wear a baseball cap and go clean shaven, I probably could pass for 15 again and start getting carded for alcohol again...I have no idea why, but I get carded for cigarettes a lot, but only very rarely for alcohol. I have literally gone into Wine and Spirits, purchased alcohol sans ID, carried the bag next door with me to Puffs and suddenly been asked to prove my age in order to purchase a pack of Camels...I don't get it. In the last year, I've been carded for alcohol maybe twice and for cigarettes more times than I care to try to figure out...

I don't think I had a destination in mind for this entry so I'll just go where my mind takes me...and right now it's taking me to talking to Pat last week...he's working at a tobacco store for the summer and he made me consciously aware of something that I think I was aware of, but had just never thought about before...they aren't supposed to sell cigarettes to anyone with an expired I understand that we're supposed to renew our driver's license every few years because it's part of the state's budget and all, but you can't use it as proof that you are you and you are a certain age??? Since when does the fact that my driver's license expired a month ago (as an example...mine expired the end of december and I renewed it in february I think) make me not me or change the fact that I was born on a certain date? That is completely stupid.

I wish I could take care of my college shit without having to actually go talk to someone up there and waste valuable walling-myself-off-from-the-world-time...I need classes still and I have several picked out, but I can't sign up for them online...the powers that be at MU rigidly hold to this idea that you actually have to talk to your advisor at least once a semester which I think is stupid...they should be there in case we need to talk to them, but we shouldn't have to talk to them. MU a couple of years back finally got around to letting us register for classes online--with the catch that they change your PIN for the registration period and you must go see your advisor to get your PIN. At the end of the semester you can reset your PIN to whatever you wish and check your grades and your transcript and what have you...but you cannot then enroll in a class. The best part of this was that the first wave of summer classes started 3 weeks ago and up until the day before I could go online and register for one of those classes, but I could NOT register for a class that starts at the end of august...What The Fuck??? So I can go online, I can see what classes are still available for next fall, but I cannot register for them without actually going and seeing someone at the college...Fucking Retarded! I think I can skip by my advisor for this now...since I'm a junior or senior or whatever the fuck I am now I don't need my advisors signature on add or drop I should be able to go to the records office (assuming I pick a day someone is there...part of why I don't want to do this...I don't like talking to many people on the phone and I sure don't want to call just to see if a human being is there, but I don't want to go through the effort of showering and getting dressed and going up just to find that no one is I suppose I'm back to calling...bleh) and have them just punch me into the classes on the computer... But that is what makes this so pointless...if I can do this without my advisor, if the only reason to see my advisor was for my PIN then there was really no reason to see her at all and there's no reason I should have to interact with a human being at all... Funny how I wish I could do most things that I need to online without people, but I have successfully proven to myself that I cannot handle an online class... If I don't have a class to show up for, I slack even more than normal and I have a tendency to miss deadlines for assignments because I forget about the class completely after a while...

I just drank some strawberry gatorade and then smoked a cigarette...I now very certainly and distinctly taste peanut butter and jelly...the other day I kept smelling fruit loops very strongly and I can be relatively certain that no box of fruit loops followed me around all day...why are my senses fucking with me?

I truly, truly have no direction or point for this entry so it's done.

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