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Tastes like mucus
15 June, 2004 :: 11:59 p.m.

For three weeks Lacey had a cold...she's just now getting over it...then I started my whole zombie thing again and yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and this annoyingly mild gag reflex...she told me how when she brushed her teeth or just at random times she had this urge to throw I understand...Imagine jamming your toothbrush into the back of your throat so that you don't have a choice but to take about a tenth of that and that's what I have. I can control it because it's mild, but it comes without warning and it's annoying as hell.

The best part is everything tastes like mucus. I'm drinking a rum and coke right now and it tastes like mucus...I added more rum, but it still doesn't taste like anything except mucus. I haven't been eating much for the last two days because food tastes like mucus. Yuuuum! Can't breathe and things taste gross...and this is the most exciting part of my summer so far...rock. I need more rum because I'm still typing too well...

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