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23 June, 2004 :: 7:15 a.m.

I'm giving Lacey a gift that I wish I could give myself...a break from me. I'm house-sitting for the 'rents and she came over with me the first few days, but yesterday she was at the apartment and today she'll be there the whole day without me...aside from my trip to Ocean City last summer, I think it's the longest we've been apart. I don't mean this as a bad thing, but it's kinda nice to have a place all to yourself and not worry that you're doing anything to disturb anyone else and not worry that they'll do something to disturb you. I think she still plans to move around the beginning of next semester which means I'll be moving around then also as I cannot afford the rent on that place and I haven't had anyone I can stand leap forward and say they want to be roommates. It'll suck because I hate moving and getting everything where it belongs and getting used to a new apartment, but it'll be good in the long run.

I am now officially a Harry Potter fan...I put off seeing the first movie because of all the hype around it and I saw part of the second one here at my mom's one night, but I think I had to leave for work or something before I got too involved in the movie. Lacey had seen them though and wanted to go see the new one, so we went last week and to my surprise I enjoyed it. She bought the other two and we watched them over the next few days and they were probably both better than the third actually...the second one definitely was. Yes, I'm now one of those adults who will read the series even though they are geared toward may not be LOTR, but it's still just sucks that Richard Harris died after only being in two of the movies...his replacement was fine, but definitely not as good. I also watched Finding Nemo which I previously had no desire to see, but Mom had it, so I figured I'd give it a shot...the worst part about liking the movie is the fact that my favorite character was the one voiced my Ellen Degeneres...almost every Disney or Pixar movie has an annoying celebrity voicing a character, but I really didn't expect to like this movie or Ellen at all...I still don't see how it was like the biggest grossing movie of the year last year, but it was actually amusing. I feel cheap for liking both Harry Potter and Nemo...what's next, I watch Titanic and find out it's a decent movie? No, no, no. I will die a thousand deaths before I ever sit down and watch that fucking thing.

Why the fuck do they have to over-merchandise Spider-man to the point where I'm getting sick of my all-time favorite superhero? I waited most of my life for a Spider-man movie and even if the story was moderately tolerable, the special effects of the first one were so cheesy looking... And it appears they used pretty much the same effects for 2 which pisses me off...but what pisses me off more is the fact I can't walk 10 feet at work now without seeing Spidey somewhere on something. I thought Shrek 2 was bad as far as merchandising, but that almost seems tame a couple of months later...enough already.

I bought a ticket for the Curiosa Festival...I will finally get to see the Cure live which is one of those things I thought would just never happen. I still have none of the details worked out about whether anyone will be going with me or how long I'll be down there, where I'll stay, reserving a rental car for the trip, but I'm sure it'll all go smoothly, right? I mean the trip to OC last summer was flawless if I remember right. I'm sure I'd rememberif I spent 2 or 3 extra hours on the road lost on the way down or 2 extra hours on the way home stuck in traffic and lost. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it...something will go wrong, but as long as that something doesn't actually keep me from seeing the show, I'll be fine...and as long as someone else drives after the show is over since I seem to remember the most insane driving and traffic I've ever seen after Radiohead last year...thank god Erin was driving for that one...maybe I can hire her as my official concert transportation.

I've had much more interesting (to me at least) stuff going through my head than movies and such the last few days, but at least I updated.

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