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Apple Orchards
07 October, 2004 :: 10:38 a.m.

I get to this point in my college career and decide it's all bullshit?

I have met the requirements for a philosophy minor, I just haven't gotten the paperwork signed to make it official...I took a class with the head of the department, figured it wouldn't be too bad and he'd remember who the hell I am when I go to have the paperwork signed...and now I decide that philosophy is bullshit and I don't want to write my paper that's due tomorrow for our first test grade...wooo.

Philosophy is a bunch of people sitting around trying to figure out the meanings of life and morality and all of that and whether I agree or disagree with any given philosopher isn't the point...the point is there is no point to it.

The point is I have a paper due at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and instead of an idea of what I'm gonna write about, fucking apple orchards are filling my head...

Don't ask, because I don't know either...

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