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I am Jack's middle finger and I'm waving at America
09 December, 2004 :: 1:29 p.m.

If this country is supposedly the leader of the free world and defender of freedom, why is Canada kicking the U.S.'s ass in giving people more freedom? Much more liberal on the idea of marijuana, have the crazy notion that everyone deserves education and health care, and they are now very close to passing legislation for gay marriage...Those wacky bastards...operating on some sort of system that seems to hold more to the idea that the government is there to protect the rights of the people, not to rule over them.

I missed Hannity and Colmes last night...not sure whether that was a bad thing or not after reading the partial transcript on foxnews...they simply cannot conduct a coherent interview...I just found it interesting that the show was called "Take Back America" which is basically saying that Christians are being stepped all over and it's time they take back the country...I realize the founding fathers were Christian, but this country is supposed to be for everyone. This show was tied to the teacher in California who was banned from teaching the Declaration of Independence and things such as that; clearly that is taking things waaay too fucking far. I can't stand left wing extremists much or any more than I can stand right wing extremists. I personally don't even think that discussing Christianity as a main subject would be a bad thing as long as it were balanced with other religions, but that wouldn't even work because Christians have separated into so many different groups that someone would be upset you were teaching the wrong form of Christianity...and I have a feeling that many of the same "Christians" who like to argue that there's nothing wrong with making mention to God and the Bible would have fits if their child came home saying that they were learning about Judaism and how Christ wasn't the son of God. That's why on paper I think it would be totally fine to teach religion in schools to let kids know the many different beliefs out there, but it would get so many people bent out of shape.

Switching back to Canada legalizing gay marriage--I've written in here before about supporting gay marriage so I don't want to do some long entry about it, but this whole "Take Back America" thing on Fox is pissing me off...I know perfectly well that part of what many "Christians" view as an assault on them is the challenging of the Constitution by gays for the right to marry...I don't know if anyone has told the "Christians" this yet or not, but even if the Bible does specifically forbid homosexual acts, it doesn't mean this country should have laws limiting the rights of gays. Marriage is not exclusive to the Christian's not even exclusive to theistic religions or religion period. If I were to follow one of those fallacious slippery slope arguments that so many morons in this country love, if we allow them to ban homosexual marriage, then maybe next they'll ban marriage between atheists or agnostics; maybe they'll decide that people of different religions shouldn't mix because it might confuse or harm children should they have them; maybe they'll want to call marriage a purely Christian ideal and ban Jews or Muslims or anybody else from marrying...the sad thing is, when right wing nuts use slippery slope arguments, they just sound ridiculous to me; when I use this slippery slope argument, those right wing nuts would probably read this and think, "Yeah, so, what's so wrong with all of that?"

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