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Shouting into a vacuum
28 December, 2004 :: 2:16 p.m.

This from an article in the New York Times about it being bonus time on Wall Street:

The manager with the Aston Martin said that last year's compensation packages for associates were ridiculously low. "You had third-year associates making $210,000 to $225,000; a lot of these guys are married and have young kids and they are working" very hard, he said.

Am I the only person in this country that wants to scream until the blood vessels in my head explode and I slide into blissful oblivion when I read shit like this? But fuck that...why should I have to die because other human beings are greedy, stupid assholes?

Imagine these poor bastards being with a company for 3 years and making a piddly $225, the hell do you raise a kid on that? I realize that the cost of living in Manhattan and the suburbs in upstate NY or Connecticut where most of these sleezoids live is higher than where I'm at, but fucking hell...if you make almost a quarter million a year and you bitch about not making enough...

But yeah, I'm just an asshole who has no reason to be bitter or despise the self-centered fucks who make up the majority of this country. I've been at my job for 8 years and I haven't made $225,000 total(unless of course you ask Pat, in which case I'm a millionaire...all part of the reason he's my accountant). We don't need wealth redistribution in this country...
Capitalism rocks. We're all entitled to make as much as we possibly can on the backs of other people and we're not required to pay our part. There should ttotally be families trying to scrape by on less than $20,000 in the same country that lets others be worth billions. People should totally be idignant about making over $200,000 a year...what a fucking insult!

I'm sorry, but we all know that the rich are the ones who reap the most benefits, but I know people making what I'm making who will argue with me that making more and getting more out of life shouldn't require someone to shoulder more of the tax burden. How the fuck do you brainwash the poor people into sticking up for the rich? This country has a remarkable knack for celebrating those who have too much money...look at the television and how many shows do nothing more than show the poor how great it is to be rich. Apparently this gets into the subconscious of most people and anesthetizes them to the fact that they are getting fucked over. Apparently just knowing that money is out there, that there is the possibility of living like that makes everything that happens in their lives okay? Are the poor and middle class all having a shared delusion that one day each of them will be the one on the television spending thousands on shit they don't need just to show off for the cameras? Look at the lottery...I can't be the only one who hears people talk about what they would do with the money if they won--even though they don't play! Hell, I've even had the thought go through my head when the jackpot really gets up there. We can't have that life, but we can live vicariously through those glittery people on our televisions (yes, Pat, with pets wearing designer fucking clothes...I'm still bitter) or the people we read about who do actually play the lottery and win (many of whom end up worse off than if they'd never won, but you don't read about that usually). Amazing how generous the underpaid of this country are...just let us know how well you're living--really rub our faces in it good--and we'll go on loving you and thanking you for it and defending your right to have all of that money.

Wake the fuck up!

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