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Couldn't even wait a day to start bitching about how it hurts us...?
07 July, 2005 :: 10:35 a.m.

What the fucking hell? Yes, I'm sick of CNN and especially FoxNews for their American perspectives on the London bombings, so I go online figuring Reuters is more reliable anyway and this is the fucking headline:

U.S. stocks drop after London explosions

Oh no!! The end of the fucking world! Yeah a few Brits died and scores were injured, but the stock market!! I mean it's not like those bombings were as bad as 9-11, so why do those damn cricket-playing-kidney-pie-eating bastards have to fuck up our already underperforming stock market. Jesus H.

I would like to apologize to the English for the Fucktard, self-centered Americans and say that there are those of us whose hearts genuinely do go out to you and do not care about the almighty dollar.

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