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Poor, Poor US
03 September, 2005 :: 1:20 p.m.

You know what pisses me off about all of the hurricane coverage?

I keep hearing over and over again, "things like this aren't supposed to happen here." So things like this are supposed to happen in other countries? It's fine if it's Africa or Asia, that's how it's supposed to be... but not here in this country!

Fuck that. I feel for the victims and hope that as many of them as possible make it out of this okay, but I'm so sick of the "America is the best" fucking attitude. And the bitching about foreign countries not offering aid...ok, several which countries are these idiots who are griping waiting for? Are we looking for Niger to send us aid or maybe Sri Lanka?

Ah, and peace to Kanye West for pointing out that whenever the tv screen is full of blacks (even if the only things they are holding are food/hygiene products) they are looters; if they're white, they're just trying to survive. Probably went a little far with the "George Bush hates black people," comment though. I mean even if it were true, that wasn't really the time or place for that. But damn it's funny to watch him just blurt that out after seeing Mike Myers obviously reading a teleprompter.

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