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Edit out the boring and I'll have...what, 8-12 entries?
05 October, 2005 :: 12:51 a.m.

I have not felt one bit like writing in here or pretty much anywhere you can tell from the fact that it's been a month since I last updated and that wasn't anything personal, just a rant.

I was wondering last night at work if there was ever anyone who read this for a while back when I used to update all the time and then stopped because I never updated...I wasn't wondering about that part so much (since I know from my sitemeter counter that pretty much no one checks this regularly anymore...) as wondering if, assuming such a person existed, they would ever remember this diary and come back and check up on it...

I wonder because I've done that before...gotten really into someone's diary, then they stopped updating much, so I would stop reading, then one day I'd be bored and remember a diary and go back because I liked a particular entry they had made... Sadly, many times the person had stopped updating altogether, so the diary was no longer there...but there are a couple of people like me who seem to update just often enough to keep the diary active and sometimes it's fun to check and see if an entry that moved me once can do it again or if it was just a fluke of how I was feeling and what I was reading...

And this would be why I don't update much anymore...when I do it's shit that I certainly don't want to go back and read and since the point of this isn't to entertain others (or I would've given it up for a failure years ago), but so I can look back and remember.

If I ever get the ambition to actually sift through, I have decided that I'm going to pare down the old entries to just ones I like...I used to believe that if I was something important enough to write, that I should never change or delete it, but now I realize that I've written nothing I remotely care to go back and look at for over a year now...and I realize that editing is an important part of writing. Moby Dick might be readable and even entertaining if a couple hundred pages were cut out of it. There are quite a few movies and books out there that contain scenes/chapters which really drag things down and bore you--good editing is key. So why keep a bunch of entries I don't care about?

This one will stay for the moment, but should be edited out as well, in due time...because I'm a lazy, lazy editor.

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