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Pick anyone you want...wait, no, not them, er, no, not them either, umm, no, try again...ok, you know what? we'll just tell you who you're supposed to pick
31 January, 2006 :: 8:19 a.m.

President Bush has been telling us all for years now that democracy is the bestest damn thing in the world and we're gonna bring it to everyone...

So the Palestinians democratically elect Hamas and now our gov't wants to pout and say we're not going to give them aid without even waiting to see what Hamas does? I don't get it... Hamas may not have a stupendous track record, yes they were created with the goal in mind of destroying Israel, but none of the leaders on either side have established any real peace between the two groups unless I missed something somewhere... I'm not saying Hamas is the answer to the conflict's problems; I'm just saying that they were elected by the people and they may act differently now that they are in charge, or they may not, but we should see what they do before we start posturing and bitching when it's what the people voted for...democracy for all--right, Mr. President?

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