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I'll blame it on Wheelchair Boy, not my being a Dweeb
15 December, 2002 :: 7:13 a.m.

I tried to sleep and it didn't work...funny how I could pass the hell out in the uncomfortable (at least to sleep in) chair, but bed is not good enough for me to apparently be able to sleep in...

Well, I confirmed my worst fears tonight...I will be alone forever now. No, I didn't talk to Teri, I'm just assuming we are done and over. She hasn't so much as picked up a phone to make a call in the last few days and yeah, I could call her...but it would defeat the purpose since I was waiting to see how long before she called or e-mailed me since she was the one blowing me off.

So Keri and my brother-in-law, Charlie, and yours truly went out. Went to The Horseshoe first and yes, it's as redneck as it sounds. But they have a pool table so sometimes you make tradeoffs--and since Charlie is one of those rednecks I actually get along with and he was there it wasn't so awkward...extra bonus: buying a round of drinks for the three of us (Rolling Rock--my redneck beer of choice, Coor's Light--Keri, Bud Ice--Charlie) was $4.80!!! Subsitute Bud for Bud Ice at the Gas Light and it was $6...I know that's not horrible either, but it's money and I'm not rich despite this lavish free diary I keep that may have confused some people. So now I know to go there, get started and then head to the Gas Light...and y'know what? The damn rednecks aren't so dumb afterall because that's apparently what they've been doing all along since half the damn Horseshoe ended up at the Gas Light later on.

Anyway, Keri bailed early (read that as I had to drive her home by way of McDonald's first) and Charlie decided to stay in once we got here I went back out myself. I finally made my way onto the dance floor and began dancing, but it was far from one of my better nights...I couldn't get comfortable without someone there with me. But I was still better than the white hicks that make up the majority of the crowd there and I'm not just trying to make myself sound better than them...I admit that I am not the best dancer and it wasn't my best night, but I am not a bad dancer and at least I was finding the rhythm of the music and moving more than my shoulders--so who do the girls dance with Chuck(--best friend, not to be confused with Charlie the bro-in-law) won't believe me because it doesn't happen when he comes down, but there were a lot of very attractive girls there. It was like they changed sets actually...I kept telling Keri and Charlie to hang in there and the dance music would start and the crowd would pick up...but they bailed...I walk in after taking them home and most of the older, slower crowd had been replaced by younger, dancing girls...the dance floor was entirely females when I first got back. But of course I waited for a couple more drinks to get in my system...then I make my way up and--so does everybody else. I danced with a couple of girls merely because we ended up near each other and figured what the hell, but that was it and I really wasn't feeling that even though one was I had my eyes on Cute Little Blondie who I saw a while ago who is now also single. I danced with her briefly before she went off to the restroom with her friends and that was it. So I saw two other girls, one not bad, the other very cute...moved that direction and learned a hard lesson--there is no competing with a guy in a wheelchair...first, he has the sympathy factor built in (this was a handicapped guy, not some schmuck who was in a car accident or something); secondly he has an excuse to not be a good dancer--and everybody's just gonna be like, hey at least he's up there having fun...even I fell into that category; thirdly wheelchairs are apparently chick magnets and I have to look into getting one; and fourthly, you can use said wheelchair to make it difficult for any other guy to get near a girl you want to dance with--another reason to look into getting one (and of course there's the whole never have to look for a seat thing). He was next to the dj table since the floor is not all that big...the girls were near him I ended up over there after dancing with Cute Little Blondie and then trying to avoid some guy's ass as it neared me when she left.

Not Bad Girl smiles at me and dances next to me but not with me...then leaves for beers for her and friend. This left me dancing with Really Cute Girl...okay, near not with...just as I had done with her friend. Not Bad Girl returns with beers, smiles again, then wheelchair guy cuts in and runs right over any momentum I was building to actually dance with either of these girls and starts "dancing" with her...and simultaneously blocking me from Really Cute Girl. Brilliant damn move on his part. This went on in various forms for a while with me not leaving because at this point leaving wasn't an option (it involved fighting way off dance floor probably to not get back on for a while plus I was really into the music by this point). Not Bad Girl would always end up back near me and I was digging the fact that she knew the words to The Humpty Dance and the other old school song they played that now escapes this was about as close as we got to dancing with each other was dancing near one another and shouting lines of old rap songs back and forth. Then Not Bad Girl's guy friend came up to say hi and sort of killed Wheelchair Man's mojo. This left me dancing near Really Cute Girl again but not able to actually dance with her because I'm a dweeb (something about listening to old school rap makes me want to pull out terms from middle school--y'know what? It still works though...I like it)...I think she would have and frankly that's all I gave a damn about was a dance partner, not hooking up...but couldn't do it, couldn't actually dance w/ the cute girl. Left for beer (I did)...had to return on opposite side of dance floor. NBG and RCG ended up next to me again though they did not have to...actually had to work their way out of corner they were in. And that's how I closed the night...dancing near both of them with neither of them and watching guys goofier looking and much more rhythmically challenged than myself with the hot girls grinding against them...but NBG and I got one more old school song to rap along with right at end--O.P.P.--fuck yeah. So I had this good time, got to dance, got way drunk and at same time it was kinda depressing. But at least I didn't use Keri and Charlie bailing as an excuse not to go back which I would have not too long ago. I wasn't sitting on my ass at home wondering what I was missing...instead I was right out there on the front lines missing...and I'm off next Saturday too so I can do it all over again...Wooooooo

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