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Makes Me Wanna Holler
13 January, 2003 :: 11:19 a.m.

New semester, back in school and wooooo...

I'm sitting in the library typing this when I'm supposed to be sitting in my first class of the new semester. I fought my way out of sleep, got myself ready, walked too fast up here with nervous energy constricting my chest (as it always does on the way to a new class for the first time) and still trying to smoke my cigarette. I see what I would swear was my prof heading into the building as I was still about 50 yards away. I walk in, walk into the room the schedule says my class is in, start scanning for a seat and find one...then, just as I'm about to head to said seat, it dawns on me that the person going over the syllabus is female--my prof isn't--SHIT! Nervous eyes dart across the entire room and there's no sign of him, whip my head in direction of voice and, while it's been a year almost since I've seen Ulrich, I'm sure that this is a female and he is not female so apparently I have the wrong room. SHIT! PISS! FUCK! I learned to exclaim from Chuck Barris in his book.

I walked through all three levels of the building and his class wasn't anywhere...that I could find anyway. So I'm here doing what I do best--wasting time when I should be doing school related shit. Another brilliant semester has obviously begun...I'll say it again...Woooooo

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