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28 April, 2004 :: 9:54 a.m.

I decided last week when Pat and I were hanging out that I wanted to start a very non-PC restaurant sometime...I want to call it McWopples...that name may be non-PC, but just saying it out loud makes me laugh...looking at it makes me would almost be worth pissing people off to start it...except that other restaurant with a Mcname would sue the ever living soul right out of me...

To make it even more incorrect by societal views, I thought I could hang a sign on the outside that says, "We hire window lickers!" but Lacey said that was not just crossing the line, but basically crossing it, turning around and pissing all over it, I guess...something like that...she didn't say it, I'm just paraphrasing.

Again, window licker might be an offensive term, but it's also very funny to me. I think people get way too bent out of shape over words...I'm not sure what makes a word bad...for me it has to do with whether or not there is maliciousness behind it, I guess. I realize that using a word for humor is in bad taste and all, but I still find it funny...if I had a retarded child or family member and someone referred to them as a window licker, I honestly don't know how I'd feel...I guess when there is some form of hatred behind the word combined with ignorance, that's when I get offended, but I still think that words are just words and they can't do anything unless we give them power over us...I'm not going to go way into this because I attempted to do that in an entry many moons ago...

I had been drinking when I decided on McWopples...I say this not to defend it because I personally don't think it needs defending...I say this because when Pat asked me what I would serve, my response was "Irish-themed Italian music..." Drinking sometimes makes me dumb.

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