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I use the word so much that it's about time I actually use it as a title, don't you think? Wooooooo
21 February, 2003 :: 2:47 a.m.

So yes, Teri confirmed for me tonight that she is a worthless, lying go ahead and laugh or say, "I told you so," or do whatever it is you want...rather than me sit here and try to explain, why don't I let the bitch speak for herself...

I have been doing alot of thinking over the past few days. you know how

much I care for you. and this is a really hard letter to right. Nomatter how

I tell you or what I say, it won't come out right and I know it will hurt

you. first of all, I haven't been sneaking around with anyone, but I am

interested in Rob more then I thought I would be. yes he has been e-mailing

me and he calls once in awhile. not really something I have persuaded him to

do. he has come to wal-mart a few times( not something I have asked him to

do). but as I have talked to him, I realize that I still have feelings for

him. This wasn't something that I anticipated, but like I said, the more we

talked, the more my feelings started to develop for him. more then

friendship. I want to be honest with you. so I kinda hid for the past two

days to really think about what I wanted and what I was feeling and how to

go about what I was feeling. I know that I want to go to school and finish

with that. I have also told Rob that I don't want a relationship right now.

I want to finish school and get my life back on track again before I start

any sort of relationship with anyone. he does know about you. and he knows

that I have been seeing you for a long time. but I don't think it is fair to

you if I have feelings for someone else even though I don't want to start a

relationship. I want to do for myself and Hannah right now. I really don't

want to hurt you Matt. and you probably think I'm a real bitch. and I'm


I want you to keep the microwave I let you borrow. I will be here for

another year anyway, so I have no use for it.and whatever else you want to

keep there, you can. just let me know if you want me to get my stuff out of

there and I will. please e-mail me back. and just to let you know, Hannah

and I did go to the mall by ourselves tonight, just in case you are thinking

he went along. I just wanted some time alone with her tonight.I'm gonna go

for now..............Teri

So yeah, great isn't it? I gave her my heart--again, despite the fact I should have known better and I get a microwave...woooo.

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