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How much do you want to bet Bush begins and ends every day yelling, "I'm the king of the world!"?
25 July, 2004 :: 10:48 a.m.

Jose Padilla is still being held without being's a fucking crock and if you need one more reason to get Bush out of office, that should be more than enough...knowing that he can declare you an enemy combatant even if you are on U.S. soil and not actually caught in the act of doing anything "terrorist-like"...From what I've read, there is little or no evidence that Padilla was actually working with al Queda to set off a dirty bomb...and the fact that they are holding him and denying him his rights leads me to believe they don't have shit on him...either way, he's a U.S. citizen and he deserves to either be released or charged so that he has the opportunity to defend himself in court...the Supreme Court ducked out of a chance to free Padilla at the end of June by saying that the case reached them through the improper now his lawyer must go back to a lower court and begin the process again. Can you honestly say you want a leader in charge who has no qualms about taking someone's rights away from them and keeping them locked away for years without any charges being brought? Do you want a leader who, in the aftermath of Abu Ghraib, is arguing that anyone he decides is an enemy combatant can be held indefinitely and they should be able to torture these people to get information they don't have?

Fuck Bush. Fuck the U.S. if that's what it stands for now. And definitely FUCK CAPITALISM.

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