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Beware the piddlefuckers
12 July, 2004 :: 2:01 p.m.

I tried to watch Bush's press conference today and I got up and left the room...yeah, I could have changed the channel, but I though maybe Lacey would want to watch it...I used to be able to watch the fucking moron and at least find humor in his stupidity, but it's not funny never really was, but laughing kept me from rage. People are still dying and the man is still spouting lies with the same self-satisfied smug smirk. How's that for a sentence? But it's true.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll finally get to go see Farenheit 9/11. One of the many pitfalls of living in a tiny, backwoods area...non-mainstream movies are difficult to track down and watch in theaters. Ithaca being a rather liberal college town almost always has any controversial or independent movie, but it's a 2 hour drive and I don't know it very usually I wait for dvd. But one of the malls in the area is finally playing Moore's movie. I realize it's one-sided and all, but I need to hear someone who hates Bush and has more resources than I do to shout that hatred to the public.

I bought Mancow Muller's book yesterday...for those unfamiliar with him he has a radio show based in Chicago and he appears several times a week on Fox & Friends...I've never listened to his radio show...I could probably track it down online, but I just haven't tried...anyway, he's very amusing. Many of his views seem geared toward the Republicans (he's a Libertarian), but he's young enough that some of his views differ and he is never at a loss for things to rant about. At first he was was just part of the entertainingly annoying Fox & Friends, but then several months ago I noticed that he started disagreeing with Steve, E.D. and Brian more often and didn't hesitate to criticize Bush when he felt it was needed. So I decided to buy his book and get a better idea of how he thinks...I know he loves a good rant about the Democrats given the chance (on F&F), but he is not your typical Republican given that the book opens with him soliciting a prostitute in Berlin (not that there aren't plenty of Republicans who would do that, but they wouldn't include it in a book). I look forward to seeing where it goes from there.

I'm unhappy with everything lately...ok, not everything...I'm unhappy with all of the shit that is out of my control such as the continued worsening of conditions at work under our new 24 year old store manager. Anyway, this new class system is bullshit and the new direction our store is being run is pissing people off...which has led to a profusion of piddlefuckers which is making me more pissed off. Piddlefuckers, for anyone wondering, are people who mope and pout about having to do anything they don't want to do and so they take their sweet time with easy jobs and usually get into groups of 2 or 3 to do jobs that one person could do so that a few of the rest of us get to bust our asses to get our normal work done, plus get the extra assignments that the piddlefuckers can't possibly do because they are so busy piddlefucking about. That is what a piddlefucker is. Unfortunately some of the people I've always gotten along with and considered friends, in the work sense at least, are piddlefucking around so that now I literally don't want to be around most of the people I work with on most on top of hating my job, now I don't even want to talk to coworkers which used to relieve stress. Another year and hopefully I'm done with school and can walk away...

And so few people seem to understand why I've been wanting my own fucking island for so long now... Guess the next time powerball or mega millions get up over $100 million, I'll have to take a shot. I despise money, but with that much I could have peace and quiet and see to it that my friends had what they needed as well.

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