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Apartment hunting and ripped toenails...these are a few of my least favorite things
21 June, 2002 :: 6:49 p.m.

Pain is...having your toenail ripped half off the nailbed and bent straight back so that it is pointing up into the air...what a beautiful, exquisite example of pain...but it's all good cause I have these neat tatoo bandages that are clear with different images on them so when I'm wearing my sandals I either have a tie-dyed big toe or the word peace written on my big toe...okay, so I'm not so big on the hippy imagery, but it's all they have in the box that will fit my toe.

I had this strange dream the other night...I'm not a big fan of heights...I love to climb, but I hate when I get to the top and have to come back down. Anyway, in the dream I was in this big fancy building as part of a group...we were checking things out and then whoever it was that was showing us the building for whatever reason he was showing us the building (it wasn't anything as cheesy as a tour group or anything like that) took us upstairs to this five star restaurant that was in the building...the dining room was laid out with these really gorgeous mahogany tables and chairs that were set on a floor that was some type of lucite or something so it was designed to look like there was no floor. The tables and chairs were designed to look like they were just hovering in the air...I thought this was really cool so I walked out onto the non-floor floor and started looking around. Everything was fine until I looked down and realized that in some places there actually was no floor. I became incredibly creeped out and couldn't I dropped to my knees and then my stomach and started to slither-crawl back toward the visible floor where everyone else was standing...suddenly I was on a just a narrow beam still slither-crawling and then I just stopped because it was incredibly smooth and I was afraid that I might just slip off...I remember thinking, "I wish this was just a dream so I could wake up from it..."

Apartment hunting in Mansfield sucks...there isn't much to begin with and what there is to choose from is either more expensive than what we already have or not in downtown Mansfield. Since I work and go to school right here in town, it is inconvenient to live elsewhere, plus Em has no car of her own yet (well, she technically does I guess thanks to Randy, but it's not available to her yet) so she needs to live where she can walk to work. The flat that we have is nice, but small and the landlord is a bit of a moron/sheister (sp?). Plus we have two animals and we're technically not supposed to have pets here. It would be nice to find a place where we could have our pets without hiding them and a place where we had more room. Most of the apartments for rent are two bedroom places so with a roommate it would actually be cheaper, but we have no other roommate lined up and I'm not willing to just live with has to be someone I know and can get along with because I've had bad past experience with a roommate I wanted to kill. Our lease is up at the end of August and I don't really want to stay in this place...I have an inkling that our landlord will up the rent a bit if we decide to stay here and sign a new lease, plus the animals will have to remain hidden and he may want to inspect the place before he decides to renew our lease. This all sucks elephant balls.

Chuck is coming down tomorrow which I am looking forward to and Em's friend Randy may be coming up either tonight or tomorrow also, so it should be a fun weekend I hope. It would be nice to go to the Cell Block because I'd love to dance, I just hope if we do that no one steps on my big toe...although the pain was beautiful and pure as I said earlier (okay, I said exquisite, not pure, but anyway...) I don't want to reexperience it.

Vanilla Sky is a great movie and I'm happy I finally had a chance to watch it...

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