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A serious question posed--
28 January, 2003 :: 4:28 a.m.

Granted, I've never lived completely on my own before, but you would think by now I would have learned a simple lesson: No matter how many times you walk to the refrigerator/cupboards/wherever else you stash food, new food does not magically appear. Granted, something in one of these places may suddenly seem appealing or at least tolerable when it didn't before, but there will be NO NEW FOOD...not unless you were sleep walking while you did some grocery shopping.

On a related topic (what I am now eating that didn't appeal to me the last time I was in the cupboards), assuming neither is acceptable, which is the least acceptable: peanut butter in the jelly jar, or jelly in the peanut butter jar? Basically, I guess what I'm asking is, unless you are more obssessive about things than I am and wash the knife between jars or use two separate knives, which do you dip into first? the jelly or the peanut butter? Or are you going to claim that you are better than me and don't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Personally I went through a phase for years where I had indulged in (or been force-fed, whatever--when you are on welfare you eat a lot of PB&J and gov't cheese sandwiches) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So I went through a period where I hated both peanut butter and jelly. Then jelly was okay (as long as it was apple or strawberry or blackberry...anything but grape basically) on toast or things of that nature. Then peanut butter was okay again, but I still couldn't put the two together in a sandwich. Now I eat what I can afford and I've relearned the simplistic joy of a PB&J.

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