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How a tooth can be a royal pain in the ass...
07 May, 2003 :: 5:24 p.m.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why we haven't evolved to the point where wisdom teeth don't bother trying to grow in. What point do they serve? Can someone fill me in?

My wisdom teeth started growing in seven years ago and they still aren't all the way in! Seven years!!

The first one started when I was was one of the top two, I don't remember which...I just remember that I was working at McDonald's still and not having a fucking clue what I was gonna do with my life...but the wisdom teeth...the top two would take turns. Every month or so one or the other would move slightly, I'd bite my cheek for about a day and it'd hurt a little, then whichever one was moving would stop...this went on for about two years off and on with months in between moves sometimes until both were in...then the bottom two decided it was their turn about a year later...the right lower one came up through my gum, then the left one did a little...then the right one dropped back down leaving a gaping hole in my gum which I had to be careful not to get food stuck in...then it came back, then it left again...I don't understand how it's possible, I just know that it happened. The bottom teeth weren't as good about taking turns...sometimes months would go by without either of them moving, then maybe twice in two or three months it would be the same tooth...I could always tell because I'd start biting the inside of my cheek for a day or two when I tried eating and the gum would become tender...then it'd stop my right bottom wisdom tooth has decided I need to see a has been causing non-stop pain for three days now. I've gone through more ibuprofen and tylenol than I care to try and count and I'm working on a tube of Ambesol-esque stuff (too poor for the name brand shit). So I've had dental for two years and haven't been to the dentist yet...I guess it's time...

So I call the insurance company to get a list of dentists in the automated machine takes me to another automated machine takes me to a real human who tells me she's transferring me to another real human to give me the list and then--I get an answering machine! Ah, technology. So I leave a message and some way-to-chipper lady calls me back an hour or so later to tell me I can just use the convenient website to get the list of dentists!

First it was a chore to navigate the website and find dentists in the area, then when I make a call to the first dentist, she isn't accepting new patients. I may be in pain but that was enough of an effort for yesterday and today. This is one of the reasons I dislike dentists so much...I haven't even gone in and it's been too much of a hassle already. I take care of my teeth, I've only ever needed one filling, yes, I need braces, but I'm 27 and if it ain't happened yet, it's not likely to...I don't want to go to the damn dentist so they can cut a tooth out of my mouth that I never asked to try to fit into my mouth in the first place... Plus side, I only eat when I'm actually hungry the last few days...not that I'm fat and need to lose a lot of weight, but sometimes eating is just an effort I don't want to make and I put it off and other days I eat because I'm, no matter what the case, I think about how much I really care about eating before I do it... Bleh.

Going to look at a 3 bedroom apartment with Lacey and Jerry tomorrow...also going to do body work to Lacey's Probe and look at a Blazer for me both of which mean playing around in junkyards...should be fun...

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