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A summer of fun? I think so, yeah.
03 May, 2003 :: 6:57 p.m.

So the semester is over and so far I've been having fun. I had two finals Wednesday, both of which went well and then it was over...good thing, I was losing cohesion. It wasn't the semester I envisioned for myself and I'm disappointed in myself for screwing up Emerson/Fuller, but I'll get over it. The other three classes should result in two A's and a B...I can live with that.

Thursday I had off and Lacey and Jerry and I hung out. We went in search of a vehicle for me and parts for Lacey's Probe. I didn't find a car, but I had fun trying. We went to the junkyard out in Liberty and looked around...test drove a Lumina that was on it's last legs and then a Buick Regal which was in nice shape and ran really well, but wasn't a car that I really could see myself driving...but at least it's an option. Plus, the one guy from the junkyard came into work last night and told me that they have a Blazer that would need an R-title, but needs minimal work and I could probably get it for $500-600 he said. Only need a little body work and then waiting a month for the R-title to go through. He also said they have a '94 Eclipse that is off being painted and should be coming back soon that would be about $1,400. So there are two options.

Then we had fun playing at another junkyard while waiting for them to take parts off of a couple of Probes that Lacey's car needs. It's amazing the stuff that gets left behind when people junk cars. A Saturn with the driver's door torn off...a tampon on the driver's side floor...Jerry's comment, "No wonder she wrecked." A Metro that they wanted $675 for that would cost that much more to get fixed. A car with the hood and roof completely smashed in--that they still wanted $1,500 for...yeah. And my favorites were the two cars with "Bio Haz" written all over them...I didn't see anything identifiably nasty inside either one...but it makes you wonder.

I got sunburned on my always happens the first time in Spring that I go outside...I forget about how easily I burn and that I haven't spent that much time outside in a long time...but luckily not too bad. Already mostly gone.

Other than that, I've done NOTHING and loved it. I do need to get the apartment back into shape and such, but I felt like I could take a couple days to do nothing but hang out with Lacey and relax.

On the Lacey note, things continue to go really well between us...but Andy is starting to annoy the hell out of me. I expected him to react badly when she broke up with him and he realized we were dating, but he acted like it wasn't that big a deal...other than spending most of his breaks doodling in a notebook with headphones clamped over his ears. Now all the sudden it's like he realizes I'm not just some fling for Lacey and he's decided that he wants to get between us and try to get her back.

He's done the taking her out to breakfast and announcing that he was going to try to transfer to Rochester where his friend goes to school...I know damn well he was looking for some dramatic, "No, I don't want you to go," from her. She told him, basically, "Cool." So there's been no mention of that again. When he talks to her at work, he gets about three inches from her and whispers--even if it's not anything that needs to be whispered. He also asked her to go to a movie with her and she said ok, and that was fine with me on one level, but annoyed me because he interrupted me on break the other night to confirm that she was still willing to he wanted her to say she was going to go with him in front of me...and then he starts right in about other movies coming out! I have no problem with her remaining friendly with Andy; I have total trust in her. I have a problem with him thinking that she's gonna be his date to every movie that comes miffs me that the movie they are supposed to go see is X-Men 2 because it's a movie that I've been waiting for since I saw the first one...and I don't like going to the movies alone and I don't like going to the movies with someone who has already seen the film...I don't go to the movies half as often as I'd like and I like it to be something that I share with someone for the first time so if it's really good we can talk about it afterwards. I don't mind renting and watching movies with someone if I've already seen it or if they have (we just rented movies last week along those lines--I rented Donnie Darko so she could see it, she rented The Time Machine so that I could see it--but I've always been funny about seeing a movie in the theater with someone that's already seen it. So basically if I wanted to see it, I'd have to go alone or get over my stupid little quirk about movie going.

Anyway, back to this whole thing...she may not go with him now...I talked to her Thursday morning after work...I debated because I didn't want to be the jealous boyfriend, I didn't want her to think it was her I don't trust...but she could tell something was bothering me and I promised her to be honest about how I feel. Better than leaving her thinking she did something to piss me off. She said that Andy being all clingy the last couple of weeks has been getting on her nerves and creeping her she may not go...if she does, it's not a big deal, I do trust her. I'm not going to get moody and pissy with her. I told her at the beginning that if she and Andy could remain friends, that was cool--and I meant it. And I know from my own experience that if he keeps acting like this, he'll push her away instead of winning her back like he's trying to do.

And I'm torn about this even bothering shouldn't. I've been on the other side of this; I've been the ex trying to convince the girl he lost that she made a mistake leaving him. I've put another guy through this, so I was wrong when I thought my Karmic debt was paid-in-full...I have to go through this and see it from the other side, see what I put someone else through. And I don't blame Andy for wanting Lacey back, for having difficulty accepting it's over...I know what he's going through... I just wish he'd done things in the order I expected him to.

Lacey and Jerry and I are still looking for a place together...gotta be at least three bedrooms. Lacey and I don't want to "live together," we want to be roommates. It's weird but Jerry and Lacey and I are starting to feel like a couple...they are really good friends and I'm really getting to like Jerry myself (NO, not that way) and feel more like we can talk about shit. So I think it would be a lot of fun living with both of them. I also like the idea of living with Jerry because he knows cars and I can learn basic maintenance of my own vehicle from him...I know he'd be willing to teach me, just like he's willing to put up with trying to teach me standard--which I haven't felt adventurous enough to try again yet. So yeah, I've enjoyed my fortress and living alone...but I've always wanted to find a couple of people that I could live with in a house environment and I think maybe this is it. We will make sure it's a place where we all have our own space, but room to interact as well...another adventure. And again, I feel like it's a good choice; not doing something against the little voice in my head.

That's about it for now, I guess...I'm off to get ready for work and take Lacey home so she can get ready for work.

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