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I hate hot weather
27 June, 2003 :: 7:42 a.m.

So it was decades too late, but Strom Thurmond is finally dead. Add that to the fact that that stupid bitch from Texas will be getting sentenced, and for once there is some good news in the world.

I'm reading Fast Food Nation finaly and it's...disturbing. And I'm not quite half way through it yet. It really opens your eyes to a lot of things and gets you thinking. I'm also reading Druids because it's one of Lacey's favorite books and it sounded interesting. Then I've only got about half a dozen or so more that I hope to read before summer is over.

I've done nothing about school yet...I'm not worrying yet. I'm thinking I'm only gonna take 9 credits in the fall since it's that fourth class that's thrown me for a loop the last few semesters. No more F's...maybe.

Planning a trip to Ocean City in August to finally meet Erin. I'm hoping that Chuck will be able to go since we've never done any sort of trip together in all our years as or both of us has always been broke or we've not had the same time off. It could be a lot of fun if he goes, but I'm sure it'll be fun whether he can make it or not. I'm working on getting my alcohol tolerance back up to a semi-decent fun if I spend my nights in OC puking.

That's about it for plans for the summer...I'd love to get out and do more, but if I want to get a different car, I've got to save money.

I'm being incredibly lazy about updating, but it's been too damn hot to spend much time on the computer and it's current location still just does not feel right for updates. I've got a mountain of crap that I own and don't need that I need to get rid of so my room is actually a place I don't mind spending time.

Ok, I know this is another of my boring entries, but I've got errands to run if Jerry ever returns with my car, so I'm off to get ready.

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