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29 June, 2004 :: 11:48 a.m.

I'm sure someone somewhere will bitch or complain because there are always those who one who does about a lot of stuff, I know this.

Anyway, the point is, right now I am not bitching; right now I am very happy. The Cure's album is v. good and, I feel, worth the wait.

If you disagree, cool, but don't bother to waste my time with it because I'm sick and tired of listening to those with elitist views of music...Why is it that almost everyone who thinks they are the utmost authority on what is good or bad in music can't play shit themselves? Then again, that isn't just music...there are plenty of literary critics who can't write but love to tell everyone what is wrong with someone else's writing. I admit, I have strong opinions of what I like and don't like and I sometimes without thinking criticize an artist or a person who likes a particular artist. I have had many a laugh at Chuck's expense for some of the music he owns and likes, but for the most part that's good natured. He can listen to whatever makes him happy and it really doesn't bother me...the only time I worried about our different tastes in music was when we planned to drive to Ocean City together last summer...but that fell through so it didn't become an issue. Anyway, I'm getting totally off point...or rather I made my point a long time ago and now I'm just dragging it out needlessly as if I were assigned a 1,000 word entry or something.

The main point is I love the new Cure album thus far and I don't give a flying fuck if no one else does...

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