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08 October, 2004 :: 9:44 a.m.

So I think I'm withdrawing from my philosophy class...great, great, great that the prof also happens to be the head of the department. This means that when I decide I want to fill out the paperwork for my minor (which I've already completed the requirements for) I'll have to go talk to him. A girl last semester said he gave her a hard time because she waited until she was in her last class to meet her requirements before going to see him with the paperwork...wooo. Now he'll look at me and remember I was the one who used up my allowed absences before fall break and then got out of the class completely.

Hopefully he asks me why I want a philosophy minor so that I can go on about how I think it's useless bullshit for people who want to sit around acting like they've got all the answers. Philosophy doesn't provide can have the best system in the world, you can make tons of sense, but if society doesn't live inside the system, what's the point? Society could give a shit about philosophy for the most part and when they use it, they always opt for utilitarianism, so what's the point of coming up with a new way of thinking or refining an existing area of philosophy if no one listens. I still think it's important to study philosophy and I think it should be introduced to kids way before high school...but then so should foreign languages and a bunch of other shit.

So if I withdraw, that gets rid of 3 or 4 papers that I'd have to write this semester and I can focus on Kafka and the Beat Generation which are way more interesting to me...the Beats had a philosophy that they followed which inspired the hippies and political activism later on...that's much more interesting to me than reading about Dewey and Peirce and James and their dated ideas. I mean the Beats are dated too, but it's modern history and while they basically were travelling bums, they inspired people who fought (words aren't looking right to me today and "fought" looks strange indeed) to make things better, people who taught (that doesn't look right either) those following them that they could stand up for what they believe in...

Anyway, I've lost myself because I just got up and wandered for a few has the looks of a beautiful fall day, I want to sit outside and read this afternoon when I get back from class...but our neighbors...bleh...hoping that since this is fall break weekend that some of them will head home. The old neighbors were annoying but left me the fuck alone when I sat outside and read...this new group is louder and far more annoying and like to hang outside to be especially loud and annoying...Lacey and I have lost out on a couple of places that would've been better--stupid landlord who shows houses to us and then tells us that even though we're looking at them first, other people have first shot at signing the leases...awesome...and then a nice, little house near campus last week that ended up being rented to some other guy the day after we looked at it because his house was flooded and he couldn't live there and blah, blah, blah..."Oh, poor me, I need this house or I'll be homeless..." Stupid having-a-legitimate-reason-to-need-the-house-more-than-us bastard...

Off to read Kafka with a new sense of freedom--until the school gives me shit about withdrawing from philosophy...wooo.

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