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Just because it's been awhile...
01 November, 2004 :: 3:52 p.m.

I was all set Saturday night to write my heart out in here about a lot of things on my mind...but then I wasn't alone anymore and it didn't happen...I need to be alone to write...I think that's why I've always put papers for school off til the last minute and write them in the middle of the night. I like to be alone, to have nothing around me but my thoughts...I haven't been in the mood to write in here lately when I've had those moments, and when I want to write I don't have those the time I do, as now, I either don't give a shit about what I was thinking before or don't really fuck it for now...when the time is right, I'll be back.

In the meantime, we could have a new president very soon...or we could have 4 more years of the moron we have now who's determined to hit every iceberg he can before sinking this fucking ship...not that his potential replacement is fantastic, but he'd be a hell of an improvement...which is why I'll be surprised if enough people get off their asses to make it happen.

I've realized that although she claims to dislike both guys, Lacey has very Republican views on's like when Fox "News" has a Democrat and a Republican on and they just argue and don't get anywhere...sure sometimes they can agree on a point, but neither one is going to make the other change their views so it's a lot of let's see who can talk over the other one more and continue butting heads though it gets us nowhere...I'm not saying she's wrong for having her views; I'm saying I just can't see things from the same viewpoint and so it baffles me that she sees things the way she does. Off to bed...or something.

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