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I wish I were bionic
02 June, 2005 :: 1:58 p.m.

My left leg has been numb from the knee down for more than 24 hours now...

I keep having periods of dizziness, very bad headaches and occasionally I smell things that aren't's always one of 4 smells: fruity pebbles, fruit loops (yes, distinct smell from pebbles), rotting garbage and the most recent addition, toast...

My body seems to be going to hell on me and I hate going to the doctor unless I absolutely have to.

You really don't think about your feet until you try to put a sock on a foot that has almost no feeling in it...or until you try to walk and almost break your ankle because you don't realize that your foot didn't land right when you took that last step ...or you almost fall on your face because you go to take a step and the foot just stays planted on the ground... I miss having feeling in my left foot...not having feeling in the rest of the leg really isn't all that much different than normal...but apparently you get a lot of sensory input from your feet that I never paid attention to before.

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