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Waiting and wondering
19 October, 2005 :: 12:07 a.m.

I feel like apologizing tonight, but I'm pretty sure I'm caught up on my apologies. There's no specific person I feel I need to apologize to, just a general feeling that I could pick anyone from a list and come up with something I've said or done that I'm sorry for. I'm sure there are individual actions that I never took responsibility for, but on the whole I feel like everyone knows that I fuck up a lot and I'm genuinely sorry for pain or inconveniences that I've caused them...yet I still feel like all of my accounts aren't caught up.

I've got to get my ass in gear to get back into school. The one thing I know for sure is the longer I stay in this area, the more unhappy I'll be and the more apologies I'll owe people before all is said and done...myself being the main one. I will always wonder who I would have been had I taken one of the many chances I had to get out of this area...I will always wonder what could have been and never bother worry about what could be until it's too late...that's my biggest problem.

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