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This diary is on life support
14 January, 2008 :: 4:16 a.m.

Remember's back, in pog form. Woo.

It's one of those nights where I totally fucked up my sleep and I'm wide awake and of course no one that I would want to talk to is up at this ungodly here I sit. I miss the old days when I could be signed on to AIM at this time of night and find one of my friends up and willing to chat.

I don't know why I'm up...I'm rereading old entries which is kind of nice, I suppose, but this diary is pretty close to dead.

There has been a lot of shit in the last six months and I haven't felt the slightest inclination to document it in here. I'm in a temporary state of happiness right now and I don't feel like documenting that in here either. It will pass...all things pass whether good or bad. Just that when the bad pass, it's a relief; when the good pass, it usually tears the soul and stings like a motherfucker until it finally heals.

I've got a basic plan of action in place to get the hell back out of the Wellsboro area, but I've got to get it rolling. I just started working again, so hopefully I will be able to get finances squared away soon and be ready to start back to MU when summer classes roll around.

I'm bumming because I started thinking that I could be done by december, but there's a 24 hour rule for liberal studies that says you can't have more than 24 credit hours in any one area...and I think that's going to fuck me. If memory serves, I have 101 credit hours and need 120 to graduate...sweet, right. Nah. With the 24 hour rule, I may find that in reality I have like 92 credit hours that will actually count toward graduation...I dunno. I know it's going to mess me up, but until I get things squared away, I won't know for sure how badly. At any rate, should I take summer courses and not fuck up any classes, I can be done next spring...just 10 short years after starting college. This is assuming I don't find out I can't get more student loans or some other obstacle doesn't pop up to fuck up the plan.

All I know right now is that currently I want to get back to Philly...but, even if I graduated next december, there's no guarantee that's what would happen. I could find myself living somewhere completely different by then, I could find myself having not gone back to MU at all because something else seemed like a good idea...if rereading my diary has shown me anything it's that I have no clue what the future holds for me.

I have nothing profound to say, nothing funny to say...I'm just awake when I wish I could sleep.

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