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Note to self...
31 October, 2002 :: 10:25 a.m.

Little reminder for future...check e-mail, then make turns out I have no plans with Pat tonight because he is not feeling well and has homework...another reason to hate school--homework interfering with hanging out with friends...another reason to hate dorms, they breed disease--Joel was just sick, now Pat's sick...Obviously just a coincidence that they are roommates. Better lesson for future: NEVER MAKE PLANS! Nothing ever goes according to plan! Need proof? Go back to my second entry ever and read about last year's birthday debacle--that was in the planning for months. There are still options for tonight: Teri had potentially invited me over tonight and I originally said, "yeah, after Pat and I hang out I'll come over," but I don't know...I want to do something other than sit at her place, plus the time she wants to get together, 10:30-11ish, is when the bar will just be starting to get a flow of I can either blow her off to drink or I can go sit and probably dance around the issue of whether or not we're going to try to date again or just end things--all of this will lead nowhere. This is why I don't make plans. This is why I normally just call Pat up right before I want to hang out and say, "What are you doing tonight?" I planned this big romantic weekend for Teri and me and BOOM! relationship blows up before that can happen; I make plans with Pat a day ahead of time and BOOM! he's sick and has work to do! BAH! Guess this evening will be a get up and wing it type of night.

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