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Screw your culture, you'll like this one better...
23 December, 2002 :: 3:53 p.m.

Has anyone else seen the "Great White Liberator/Capitalism Rules" American Express commercial. It really gets under my skin for some reason. And by the way, I don't think it's actually referred to at American Express or by the ad agency that created it as the title I gave it above.

The basic set up is some guy on the phone setting up a trip and using his AmEx member reward points or whatever they call them to get the flight. He and his wife then fly over to somewhere in Asia (I only saw it once and don't remember if they specified which country). They come walking in and we find out they are there to rescue a newborn baby from his/her own culture and family. [exhale, sigh of relief] They're like superheroes! Swooping in just in the nick of time to save the child from groing up in some backwards Asian culture... Y'know, cos there are no children in this country that need to be, white couple+ethnic child=status symbol. If they adopted a white kid, people might assume he/she was their biological child--better to let people know how magnanimous you are by having a child you obviously rescued. All hail American Express--"Why sit on a waiting list for a newborn in this country and go through the hassle of paperwork when we can help you fly into another country with looser rules and steal a child from his/her own culture and blood." Behold! the power of capitalism

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