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18 December, 2003 :: 4:22 p.m.

I can't speak for anyone else, but man do I feel safer now that we have Saddam. I mean at any moment I was expecting to hear that he'd turned up in the U.S. somewhere with a dirty bomb and killed innocent Americans...

I guess I was one of the few people who chose to watch Diane Sawyer interview Bush instead of watching that anorexic idiot Paris Hilton...I had to laugh when she directly asked him several times in a row about the lack of WMD in Iraq and he dodged the issue every single time saying he knows he made the right decision and America is safer now that we have Saddam.

I continue to watch Fox & Friends every morning for the sheer delight of yelling "BULLSHIT" at my tv. They criticized Dean and tried to make him sound like an idiot for saying America isn't any safer witht he capture of Saddam. Dean isn't my fave of the Democrats running (Kucinich is the man even if he has no shot in hell of winning...and he's far more amusing than any other politician out there right now, so why doesn't he get more tv time?), but what he said is true...Saddam did not (and never did) pose any sort of direct or imminent threat to this country. He wasn't the one shooting at or blowing up the troops in Iraq and he damn sure wasn't about to launch an attack on the U.S. That's what gets the fuck can you say the man posed an imminent threat or that we are safer and at the same time say he's a coward who surrendered without firing a shot and spent his time moving back and forth between hidey holes??? They show pictures of him looking exhausted and defeated and show the tiny little hole he was in and at the same time try to convince us that at any moment he could've tried to rally more guerillas to attack our troops. Look at the pictures on your television, in the newspapers and magazines...we're supposed to feel secure to enjoy our holidays now because this man is behind bars? I'd feel much safer with Bush behind bars.

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